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Some customers underestimate the importance of staying in direct contact with custom essay writers. They think that a submitted order form with a description enclosed is just about enough. In fact, there are several important reasons for staying in close contact with a writer while he’s completing an order.
Let’s think about it together. You fill in the order form to buy a custom essay in 3 hours online, and give detailed directions on how your order has to be completed. You know that these directions can not be adjusted, so you decide to just wait till your order is ready for you. Even if there are minor problems, you decide to hang up on them. But just think for a minute: what if a writer that works for you is short on sources that have to be used? He will certainly want to contact you to settle everything up. Your help here can be more significant than you can actually imagine. You will be able to provide him with books used in class and, therefore, achieve two important goals. Firstly, make writing more effective. Secondly, set up a strong background for a custom essay that is built on required literature.
One more important thing that is not usually taken into consideration is the change of deadline. What if you find out that you have more time to turn in the assignment than you actually thought there is? You will be able to do some savings by extending the working period for your essay writers.
Instant contact is also helpful when we are talking about big assignments, like a dissertation. A custom essay writer will be able to send it to you in parts. That way you can be fully involved in a writing process by revising the chapters and discussing them together. A dissertation like this one will turn out to be a high-quality product.
If there are any problems with the final version of the essay order, you will be able to send it for revision and tell the writer specifically what needs to be altered.
There are, of course, many more reasons for staying in contact with the essay writer. Unexpected questions can arise while the process of writing, and they will have to be answered immediately. So, don’t hesitate to annoy the writer if something bothers you. Trust me, this will only do good for both of you.